Jul 20, 2023Liked by Stephen Paul Adams

Nice list. Inherently somewhat subjective but this is a nice diverse take with no aching clickthirsty oddball takes. Quibbles? Of course, but they are really only that.

Ekiben's in Fell's Point as well.

Check Marta for Italian in Butcher's Hill/Upper Fells if you haven't already -- strong contender.

A few blocks up from that, La Barata is excellent Argentinian food going well beyond beef extravaganzas.

If Pastries, why not Breads? I'd say Motzi (teo doors doen from the first home I ever owned, though alas not yet there when I sold it) and Ovenbird.

It's in the same quasi-suburbsn heckscspe as DiPaq (albeit in an old building) but Gunther is very solid on the Americsn farm-to-table front.

I'm a huge Zeke's supporter.


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